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Hochreiter, J. (1991).
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Institut für Informatik, Technische Universität München.

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Miyata, Y. (1988).
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Mozer, M. C. (1990).
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Robinson, A. J. and Fallside, F. (1987).
The utility driven dynamic error propagation network.
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Rohwer, R. (1989).
The `moving targets' training method.
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Schmidhuber, J. H. (1991a).
Adaptive decomposition of time.
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Schmidhuber, J. H. (1991b).
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Schmidhuber, J. H. (1991c).
Neural sequence chunkers.
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Schmidhuber, J. H. (1991d).
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Williams, R. J. and Peng, J. (1990).
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Williams, R. J. and Zipser, D. (1989).
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Connection Science, 1(1):87-111.

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