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Portrait of Juergen Schmidhuber, Genova, 2010
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Our impact on the world's most valuable public companies: Apple (#1), Alphabet (Google, #2), Microsoft (#3), Amazon (#5), ...

Nov 17 AI Boost, Baltics
Nov 16 Zhejiang Lab, Beijing

Nov 11 Keynote for AIJ, Moscow (world's largest AI event, over 40M views)

Oct 19 Malvic21, Norway
Sep 6 Statistics Congress
Sep 3 Knowledge Marathon (+200k viewers)
Jun 4 SPIEF, St. Petersburg ("Russian Davos")
May 13 RoentgenKongress
Apr 16 Chinese ML summit
Apr 13 11:15-12:00: Talk at Hannover Messe, the world's largest trade fair (opened by Angela Merkel). 14:00-15:00: Talk at GTC 2021 (opened by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang)

1. Nov 2021: KAUST (17 full papers at NeurIPS 2021) and its environment are now offering enormous resources to advance both fundamental and applied AI research: we are hiring outstanding professors, postdocs, and PhD students.

2. Additional affiliation since Oct 2021: Director of the AI Initiative at KAUST, the university with the highest impact per faculty

3. Additional affiliation since April 2021: Chief Scientific Advisor of the non-profit AI Research Institute (AIRI), Moscow

4. Jan 2021: Our five submissions to ICLR 2021 got accepted. More.

5. Many anniversaries of important AI papers of the past 50 years discussed in the AI Blog. .

1. AIDD project on machine learning in chemistry: PhD position in collaboration with Bayer. See recruitment site and follow instructions for ESR 12.

2. Sep 2021: The most cited neural networks all build on work done in my labs: 1. Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM). 2. ResNet (open-gated Highway Net). 3. AlexNet & VGG Net (our similar DanNet of 2011 won 4 image recognition challenges before them). 4. GAN (an instance of our Adversarial Artificial Curiosity of 1990). 5. Transformer variants (linear Transformers are formally equivalent to our Fast Weight Programmers of 1991).

AI Blog by Juergen Schmidhuber
AI v Covid-19 (cartoon by Juergen Schmidhuber)
1941: Konrad Zuse completes the first working general-purpose computer, based on his 1936 patent application. Juergen Schmidhuber
1931: Kurt Gödel, founder of theoretical computer science, shows limits of math, logic, computing, and artificial intelligence. Juergen Schmidhuber
2021: 375th birthday of Leibniz, founder of computer science. Juergen Schmidhuber

Dec 19 Datafest, Moscow
Dec 8 Keynote for TechFest 2020, Bombay
Dec 7-13 KAUST / NeurIPS
Dec 4 Chat on AI with President Putin
Dec 3 Keynote for AIJ 2020, Moscow - live stream seen by millions viewers
Nov 13 Keynote on curiosity for CERN
June 24 Keynote for BAAI 2020, Beijing
June 6 Keynote for Data Science Congress 2020, India
Apr 25 Keynote for GMIC 2020, Beijing - live stream seen by an estimated 2 million viewers
Jan 21-24 Davos 2020 with Will.i.am and others

1. 2020: 10-year anniversary of supervised deep learning breakthrough (2010). No unsupervised pre-training. The rest is history.

2. 9/2/2020: AI v Covid-19. AI can help to fight Covid-19 in many ways.

3. 4/21/2020: Critique of Honda Prize for Dr. Hinton. Science must not allow corporate PR to distort the academic record. 25 June 2020: Critique of 2018 Turing Award

4. 4/1/2020: Coronavirus Geopolitics - Germs and the Rise of Empires

5. 03/23/2020: My beloved mother has passed away

6. 02/20/2020: 2nd tweet: The 2010s: Our Decade of Deep Learning / Outlook on the 2020s (also addressing privacy and data markets) .

1. Update of 2020: ERC Advanced Grant AlgoRNN: Job openings for PostDocs & PhD Students. We still have open positions.

2. Generative Adversarial Networks are special cases of Artificial Curiosity (1990) and also closely related to Predictability Minimization (1991). Neural Networks 127: 58-66, 2020. Preprint arXiv:1906.04493

10-year anniversary of supervised deep learning breakthrough (2010) - Juergen Schmidhuber
Critique of 2018 Turing Award for Drs. Bengio & Hinton & LeCun (Juergen Schmidhuber 2020)
AI v Covid-19 (cartoon by Juergen Schmidhuber)
Will.i.am and Juergen Schmidhuber at Davos 2020
Juergen Schmidhuber at Davos 2020
Nov 22-25 Nanjing / Shanghai
Nov 21 Rome (with Italy's Prime Minister)
Nov 8 Moscow: JS & President Putin & industry leaders
Oct 22-31 PM Forum, Allianz, Innovations. DIALOG, FAZ & Hertie (youtube), etc.
Sep 19 Stern Steward Inst.
Sep 18 ICANN keynote
Sep 3 Swiss Digital Day with Swiss President
Aug 29-31 World AI Conference, Shanghai
May 16 Etengo Symposium
May 13 United Nations (UN-CSTD: Great Minds)
Apr 30 Dubai AI Everything
Apr 11 BW Digital Summit
Mar 28-29 Allianz, Accenture
Mar 20 Berlin
Mar 16 Steiger Award
Mar 9-13 SXSW Austin, Texas, with Kasparov
Mar 6 Autosalon Geneva
Feb 10-12 World Govt Summit, Dubai
Jan 22-25 WEF Davos
Jan 3 Shaastra Tech Festival, IIT Madras, India
1. Oct 4 - Inaugural tweet: In 2020, we will celebrate that many of the basic ideas behind the Deep Learning Revolution were published three decades ago within fewer than 12 months in our "Annus Mirabilis" 1990-1991

2. OpenAI solved Rubik's Cube with a robot hand, using LSTM and PowerPlay-like problem invention

3. Apr 11 - Interview with CNNmoney: Part 1 (general) & Part 2 (on a healthcare data market where every patient can become a micro-entrepreneur)

4. Google's new on-device speech recognition of 2019 (now on your phone, not on the server) is still based on LSTM.

5. JS is recipient of the 2019 Steiger Award (previous recipients include Beckenbauer, Bob Geldof, Shimon Peres, Boris Becker, Buzz Aldrin, Lou Reed, Mark Knopfler, the Queens of Spain & Sweden, Gehry, Klitschko, and others). More

6. SONY's show at SXSW Austin, Texas (Mar 9-12): JS and the last human chess champion Garry Kasparov (PR Newswire, Feb 22)

7. DeepMind beat a pro player in the game of Starcraft, which is harder than chess or Go in many ways, using Alphastar whose brain has a deep LSTM core. .

1. Our LSTM used by 2 papers in Nature, vol 568, 2019: one about mapping brain signals to speech (p. 493), one about predicting what's going on in nuclear fusion reactors (p. 526)

2. According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Switzerland still leads the world in AI research in terms of citation impact (although China produces the most papers in AI).

3. Update of 2019: ERC Advanced Grant AlgoRNN: Job openings for PostDocs & PhD Students. Interviews possible at NeurIPS 2019, Vancouver, 9-15 Dec 2019

Inaugural tweet on 4 Oct 2019
In 2020, we will celebrate that many of the basic ideas behind the Deep Learning Revolution were published three decades ago within fewer than 12 months in our
Juergen Schmidhuber in an interview for CNN Money by Ana Maria Montero
London-based DeepMind beat a pro player in the game of Starcraft, which is harder than chess or Go in many ways, using 
Alphastar whose brain has a deep LSTM core
Switzerland - best country in the world? Leading the world in science, Nobel Prizes, patents, publications, citations, quality of life, competitiveness, happiness, many sports
Juergen Schmidhuber in an interview for Deutsche Bank during the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos
History of computer vision contests won by deep CNNs on GPU
Dec 1-9 NIPS Montreal
Nov 23 WIRED Italy
Nov 12 IAB Milano
Nov 10 Rome
Nov 8-9 Berlin
Oct 25 Digital Train with Swiss President, then SGO
Oct 22 Digitalskills
Oct 16 Media Congress
Oct 11 SZ Salon
Oct 10 GTC Europe
Oct 4 IROS plenary
Sep 28 Torino
Sep 26 Innovationstag
Sep 21 ODSC London
Sep 7 CDU/CSU Klausur
Aug 11 Locarno Film Fest
Jul 25 Munich
Jul 14-16 Stockholm
Jul 12 Munich
Jul 3 Berliner Salon
Jun 26 Govt & Swissstaffing
Jun 13 CeBit
Jun 11 London CogX video
Jun 8 AI in Berlin
May 29 Angela Merkel
May 23 Paris Bloomberg etc
May 12-17 dbAccess Singapore
Apr 25 State Dinner with President of Germany
Mar 22 E.ON
Mar 16 Start Summit
Mar 15 Handelsblatt
Mar 6 NWX Elbphilharmonie
Feb 9-14 World Government Summit, Dubai
Feb 2 Villa Rothschild, birthplace of Grundgesetz
Jan 22-25 WEF Davos
Jan 20-21 DLD Munich
1. Nov 2018: Overview page on unsupervised neural networks that fight each other in a minimax game, to learn the statistics of data, or to achieve Artificial Curiosity

2. Sept 2018: at the CDU/CSU Klausur in the Reichstag, Volker Kauder (head of CDU/CSU) adopted Schmidhuber's proposal: 2 billion EUR for an AI Park in a major German city. More in the FAZ.

3. Aug 2018: News on our LSTM which Business Week called "arguably the most commercial AI achievement": (1) An LSTM network is the core of OpenAI's impressive Dactyl which learned to control dextrous robot hands without a teacher. (2) LSTM is the core of OpenAI Five which learned to defeat human experts in the Dota 2 video game. Training for Dota 2 consumed over 1022 elementary neural instructions per day. (LSTM also has become central for the top companies and platforms; probably you are using it every day.)

4. A simplified variant of vanilla LSTM with forget gates for recurrent units (2000) has been called GRU since 2014. Unfortunately, it cannot learn to count or learn simple languages, and also does not work as well as vanilla LSTM for large scale machine translation tasks, according to Google Brain. .

1. JS' first publication (1987) on meta-learning: Searchable PDF scan (created by OCRmypdf which uses LSTM). Compare NIPS 2018 WS slides.

2. Four papers at the upcoming NIPS 2018 conference (two of them oral presentations) have co-authors presently working in Schmidhuber's research group at IDSIA. (NNAISENSE will also present at NIPS.)

3. EU project INPUT: job opening for a PhD student

Unsupervised Neural Networks Fight in a Minimax Game
Robot Learning CogX 2018 talk (London) by Juergen Schmidhuber
dbaccess 2018 talk (Singapore) by Juergen Schmidhuber
Juergen Schmidhuber above WEF 2018, Davos
Deep Learning
Best robot car so far (Dickmanns, 1995)
Femme Fractale as an example of low-complexity art, illustrating the formal theory of creativity (Juergen Schmidhuber)
Dec 3-11 NIPS, Long Beach
Nov 27-29 Stuttgart, Bern, Mainz
Nov 17 SZ Summit, Berlin
Nov 16 Superinvestor, Amsterdam
Nov 11 TEDxLakeComo
Nov 9 Falling Walls, Berlin
Oct 17 Deep Tech Summit, London
Sep 27 Teads, Zurich
Sep 23 McKinsey, Berlin
Sep 16 Villa Hammerschmidt
Sep 12 AI Summit, Nanjing
Jul 24-27 Harbin, China: HIT
Jul 21 Seoul (Samsung)
Jun 12 Swiss Govt.
Jun 7-8 Geneve AI for Good
Jun 1-6 Madrid; EPFL
May 25-30 Beijing GMIS
May 16-19 London (e.g., WIRED Money, WPC)
May 9 Telekom/KPMG, Bonn
May 4 St Gallen Symposium
Apr 28 AUDI Beyond
Mar 30 Silicon Valley meets Switzerland
Mar 27 Auto Motor Sport
Mar 20 Davos SOS21
Mar 18 Stromburg
Mar 15 Linz
Jan 26 Luxembourg Fedil
Jan 17-19 Davos ZEIT video
Jan 14-16 DLD Munich
Jan 10 Barcelona: SAP keynote for 6000 people
Jan 1-8 Bay Area: Talks & Panels
1. Nov 14: NNAISENSE wins NIPS 2017 "learning to run" challenge, the NIPS contest with the highest award: a DGX station for $69k. Over 400 competitors participated. Watch the youtube video of the runners!

2. Nov 2: Scientific American Blog on Falling Walls: The Past, Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence. More than just another industrial revolution - something that transcends humankind and even biology

3. Aug 2017: Our impact on the 5 most valuable public companies in the world: Apple (#1), Alphabet (Google, #2), Microsoft (#3), Facebook (#4), Amazon (#5) ... Our deep learning neural networks such as LSTM (developed since the 1990s) are now used billions of times per day for speech recognition on smartphones, language translation, and many other applications

4. Aug 6: JS is recipient of the first Best Paper Award ever issued by the journal Neural Networks, for the 2015 survey of Deep Learning

5. Aug 3: Facebook is now using our LSTM to handle over 4 billion automatic translations per day (The Verge); see also Facebook blog

6. Mar 22: History of computer vision contests won by deep CNNs on GPU (since 2011)

7. Jan 17: NNAISENSE funding news and Bloomberg coverage

1. Aug 2: Update: 2017 - Jobs for PhD students and PostDocs thanks to DeepMind, NVIDIA, SNF

2. Fall 2017: First A.I. Master's degree program in Switzerland, the world's leading science nation

3. March 2017: Videos of NIPS 2016 Symposium on Recurrent Neural Networks and Other Machines that Learn Algorithms

Computing the Universe
Theory of Surprise and Artificial Curiosity
History of computer vision contests won by deep CNNs on GPU
Juergen in the robot lab (Interview for Beobachter, 2016)
Juergen at DLD 2017
Artworks featuring Schmidhuber's kids
Goedel machine
Nov 29-30 Berlin (Benz)
Nov 17-20 Chicago
Nov 16 Zurich
Nov 15 Swiss ICT Award
Nov 10 Bregenz
Nov 2-5 London, WIRED, DeepMind
Oct 28 BMW Welt
Oct 12-14 NY: GE / AI ethics
Oct 6 Stuttgart
Oct 5 Grundfos Prize
Sep 28 Amsterdam GTC
Sep 24 S.F., CA - cancelled
Sep 16 Winterthur SDS
Sep 5 London ML Meetup
Sep 2 Berlin ZEIT KI
Sep 1 Düsseldorf
Sep 1 Geneva
Aug 12 Berlin CoNLL
Jul 29 Seattle
Jul 25 Vancouver IJCNN
Jul 7 Bruxelles EU Summit
Jun 24 Berlin
Jun 17 Essen
Jun 16 DLDsummer
Jun 7 Munich
Jun 4 Berlin
Jun 2 Frankfurt
May 31 Arbeitgebertag
May 15-20 London
May 12-14 Beijing BMW
May 2-4 NYC: AI for Global 500 executives; also DLD
May 1 Berlin: Handelsblatt
Feb 22-26 Frankfurt & Munich (Fraunhofer etc)
Jan 17-19 DLD
Jan 14-17 GRI Retreat
1. Selected recent articles and interviews: WIRED (Nov 22), NY Times (Nov 27, front page), Financial Times (Nov 27, also here), ACM (Oct, also IT World & NPA), Intl. Business Times (Feb), Handelsblatt, BeMyApp, Informilo (Jan), InfoQ (Mar)

2. In leading German language newspapers: ZEIT (May, ZEIT online in June), Spiegel (Europe's top news magazine, Feb), NZZ 1 & 2 (August), Bobachter (Sep), CHIP (April), Computerwoche (July), WiWo (Jan), Spiegel (Jan), Focus (Mar), Welt (Mar), SZ (Mar). More in Netzoekonom (Mar), Performer (Oct), BR Alpha (Jan), WiWo (Feb), Focus (Jan), Heise, Xing (Jan), Bunte (Jan), and more ...

3. Dec 8 in Barcelona: NIPS 2016 Symposium: Recurrent Neural Networks and Other Machines that Learn Algorithms

4. Nov 30: Our LSTM is part of Amazon's Alexa

5. Sept 26: Our LSTM is at the core of Google's Machine Translation

6. Olympics: Bolt vs Phelps

7. Apple announced at WWDC that it uses our LSTM to improve iOS - see Bloomberg

8. April 3: Our lab is proud recipient of the NVIDIA Pioneers of AI Research award, which comes with a 170 TFLOP deep learning supercomputer

9. 2015 academic activities (1 page)

1. Open call for Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at Univ. Lugano, Switzerland - deadline Dec 15

2. Update of Oct 7: Most positions are filled, but one postdoc position is still open (deadline Oct 31) for the RNNAIssance Project based on arXiv:1511.09249 on "learning to think."

(Filled: one more 4-month PhD student position in the Prototouch project with this online form)

3. Transcript of acceptance speech for IEEE Neural Networks Pioneer Award in Vancouver (July 27)

4. LSTM wrote a movie

5. Press coverage of recent deep learning drone in the forest (video)

6. Baidu open-sources our CTC as WARP-CTC (more)

NIPS 2016 Symposium on RNNs
Bolt vs Phelps
Juergen Schmidhuber and his iCub baby robot
New jobs in Schmidhuber's lab at IDSIA
Juergen Schmidhuber and his iCub baby robot
Randomness and Kolmogorov complexity
Juergen Schmidhuber's talks at DLD 2016 - Europe's hottest conference ticket
Juergen Schmidhuber at the International Health Forum 2015. Credits: Wort & Bild Verlag / Eleana Hegerich
Dec 3-16, NYC & Montreal
Nov 4-5, London: FT, DL
Oct 28, Stuttgart
Oct 27, Zurich
Oct 15, Delft Robotics
Oct 5, 7, 9, Munich: MICCAI and ML meetup (video)
Sep 14, Bern: Keynote for Swiss eHealth summit
Aug 17-20 Seattle: IEEE distinguished lecture / Microsoft, Amazon
Aug 7-16, San Francisco: Deep Learning WS & Plenary @ INNS BigData / Apple Inc. & others
Aug 3-6: Talks at MIT
Jul 23, Berlin: AGI Keynote
Jun 12: Big Techday
Jun 9-10, Frankfurt: Deep Learning for Finance
May 27, Oslo: Telenor
May 19-21, Shenzhen / Hongkong: Huawei STW
May 5-8, L.A.: TED-style XPRIZE talk
May 1-4, NYC
1. Interviews in Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung (Dec 2, title page) and Neue Züricher Zeitung (Nov 13) and Handelsblatt (June 23, also in English)

2. Nov 30: Deep Learning at Scholarpedia

3. Announcement of Brainstorm Open Source Software for Neural Networks

4. 2016 IEEE CIS Neural Networks Pioneer Award (announced in 2015) awarded to JS for "pioneering contributions to deep learning and neural networks."

5. 30 June: Critique of paper by "Deep Learning Conspiracy" (Nature 521 p 436)

6. 4 Mar 4pm EST: AMA (ask me anything) on reddit.com

7. Feb 26: DeepMind's Nature paper and earlier related work

8. 9 Feb: INNS Big Data Interview: 50 Years of Deep Learning and Beyond

9. Activity report of last year (1 page summary of academic activities)

1. Google / Microsoft / IBM / Baidu / others are using our recurrent neural networks (especially LSTM) to improve speech recognition, machine translation, image caption generation, syntactic parsing / text-to-speech synthesis, photo-real talking heads / prosody detection / more speech recognition / video-to-text translation, and other important applications.

This Google blog describes how our CTC-based LSTM greatly improved Google Voice (by 49%). Now available to over a billion smartphone users!

Google is using LSTM also for automatic email answering (WIRED). And Microsoft dominated the ImageNet 2015 contest through a deep feedforward LSTM without gates.

Brainstorm Open Source Software for Neural Networks
Recipient of the 2016 IEEE CIS Neural Networks Pioneer Award (announced in 2015) for pioneering contributions to deep learning and neural networks.
AMA (ask me anything)
DeepMind's Nature paper and earlier related work
videos of talks on deep learning in the US
The RNN Book
Nov 7-9, Brunei: Keynote for INNS-CIIS 2014
Nov 3-6, Malaysia: Plenary talk for ICONIP 2014
Aug 1-19: 12 talks in NY & Bay Area: ML meetup in Empire State Building (youtube, vimeo), Yahoo, SciHampton, Google Palo Alto (youtube), SciFoo @ Googleplex, Stanford Univ, ML meetup San Francisco (vimeo), ICSI (youtube), Univ Berkeley (2 talks, 1 video), IBM Watson
Jun 26, Jeju, Korea: Plenary talk for KAIST 2014
May 23, Frankfurt: Deep Learning for Finance
Mar 19, NYC: McGraw-Hill roundtable on "A.I./Robotics and impact on employability"
Feb 25, 18:00: ETHZ ML meetup - talk video (14 April) and slides
Feb 25, 12:00 ETHZ
Feb 24: Univ. Basel
1. Lisbon, 18 July: Best paper award at IADIS 2014, with E Nivel, K Thorisson, B Steunebrink, H Dindo, G Pezzulo, M Rodriguez, C Hernandez, D Ognibene, R Sanz, H Helgason, A Chella, G Jonsson

2. Who Invented Backpropagation? (History of Deep Learning's central algorithm 1960-1981 and beyond)

3. 26 Jan: Google acquired for ~$500m the company deepmind co-founded by our former PhD student Shane Legg (PDF of thesis), Demis Hassabis, and Mustafa Suleyman. Deepmind also employs Schmidhuber's former PhD students Dr. Daan Wierstra (#4 of deepmind), Dr. Tom Schaul, Dr. Alex Graves, who have been working on deep RNNs: Alex on supervised RNNs, Daan & Tom on reinforcement learning RNNs and evolving RNNs (see their papers under the links above). Alex & Daan are also co-authors of one of the earliest deepmind publications (Dec 2013); compare our RNN video game controllers learning from high-dim visual input streams (July 2013). See this news link.

1. 13 July: 6 players from JS' hometown Munich among the new world champions in the world's most popular sport; see updated all-time table and medals

2. Deep Learning in Neural Networks: An Overview (invited survey, with a history of Deep Learning since the 1960s, 888 references)

3. Job 2014: Experienced Researcher to be funded by a prestigious Marie Curie Experienced Researcher Fellowship (position filled)

4. Activity report of last year (1 page summary)

Deep Learning
Deep Learning in Neural Networks: an Overview
Deep Learning neural nets won the MICCAI 2013 Grand Challenge on Mitosis Detection
My first Deep Learner of 1991 + Deep Learning timeline 1962-2013
Who Invented Backpropagation?
Speed Prior
USA/Canada lecture tour:
Aug 12: CIG 2013 keynote
Aug 9: Univ. Guelph, Toronto
Aug 7: IJCNN: INNS awards
Aug 6: AML Special Talk
Aug 2: Univ. Austin
Jul 31: Salk Institute
Jul 30: SRI, San Diego
Jul 29: UCI, Irvine
Jul 26: Brain Corporation & Qualcomm, San Diego
Jul 23: USC, L.A.
Jul 22: Las Vegas keynote cancelled
Jul 19: Allen Brain Institute
Jul 15: AAAI video competition, Seattle
Jul 15: AAAI WS RepLearn

Mar 15: Transcript (at Kurzweil AI) of TEDx talk: In the beginning was the code

Mar 1: MPI WS. See video of lecture on optimal universal AI & neural network renaissance & theory of fun (only 6 slides)

1. Compressed Network Search Finds Complex Neural Controllers with a Million Weights, learns to drive without a teacher from raw high-dimensional video input
2. J.S.' first Deep Learner of 1991 + Deep Learning timeline 1962-2013 (an experiment in rapid massive open online peer review)
3. Sep 22, Nagoya, Japan: our Deep Learning neural nets won the MICCAI 2013 Grand Challenge on Mitosis Detection through the efforts of D C Ciresan & A Giusti
4. Sep 1: our Deep Learning yields the best artificial recognisers of Chinese handwritten characters from the ICDAR 2013 competition (3755 classes), approaching human performance. Preprint arXiv:1309.0261
5. Aug 7 (Dallas): JS receives the 2013 Helmholtz Award from the International Neural Networks Society
6. Aug 2 (Beijing): AGI 2013 Best Paper Award for B R Steunebrink & J Koutnik & K Thorisson & E Nivel & JS
7. Jul 15 (Seattle): AAAI 2013 Best Student Video Award for IDSIA's video on roadmap planning for an iCub humanoid robot, also on YouTube (M Stollenga & K Frank & J Leitner & L Pape & A Foerster & J Koutnik in the group of JS)
8. Jan 17: JS turning 50, ready to enter his midlife crisis.
9. Jan 8: Activity report of last year (1 page summary)
1. Social network novice at Google+ (since 21 Aug 2013) and linkedin

2. 2013/2014: Jobs for Postdocs & PhD students. Face-to-face interviews in North America possible near: Seattle (around 17 July), L.A. (~23 July), San Diego (~28 July), Austin (~2 Aug), Dallas (~6 Aug), Toronto (~10 Aug); compare events in the leftmost column. Applications accepted until all positions are filled.

3. IDSIA's robots at the EXPO21xx show room - see also Video on humanoid research with iCub baby robot by the IDSIA Robotics Lab

2011: First Superhuman Visual Pattern Recognition
Deep Learning for Chinese Handwriting Recognition
The formal theory of creativity by Juergen Schmidhuber explains the desire to learn motor skills, to do science, to produce art
Video on humanoid research with iCub baby robot in Juergen Schmidhuber's lab
TEDx UHasselt talk by Juergen Schmidhuber: in the beginning was the code
Learning Robots
Dec 10-11: Keynote for Bionetics 2012

Nov 10: TEDx UHasselt

Oct 15: Keynote for IScIDE 2012, Nanjing, China

June 13: JS in the US TV Premiere of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman on the Science Channel. Full video also at youtube - check 31:20 ff and 2:30 ff

Jan 20: TEDx Talk at TEDx Lausanne: When creative machines overtake man.
Mar 31: Transcript of talk at Kurzweil AI

Scroll down for last year's talks / videos.

1. NY Times mentions our results; interview on KurzweilAI has more on the 8 international contests won by our deep learning methods since 2009.

2. Oct 2 Announcement: The 2013 Helmholtz Award of the INNS will go to JS

3. Videos of selected talks etc 2009-2012

4. London Gold

5. Sign up for a Master's Degree in Informatics with a Major in Intelligent Systems (IS) - a master's in computer science, with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. Taught by award-winning experts of the Swiss AI Lab, IDSIA, and USI.

6. Jan 19: Paul Hunter interviews JS for the IMD webcast

7. Jan 17: Schmidhuber's 49th birthday & activity report of last year (1 page summary)

8. JS on finance prediction at Opalesque Radio

1. Nov 15: Our neural computer vision team clearly won the ICPR 2012 Contest on Mitosis Detection in Breast Cancer Histological Images (with Alessandro & Dan - 129 registered companies / institutes / universities from 40 countries; 14 results). More.

2. Mar 5: Also won the ISBI 2012 Segmentation Challenge by a large margin, with superhuman pixel error rate. NIPS paper.

3. New greatly improved world records on visual pattern recognition benchmarks: MNIST 0.23%; first human-competitive result; best result by others (brbo): 0.39%, CIFAR10 11.2%, full NORB 2.7% (brbo 5%). See CVPR 2012.

The Swiss AI Lab IDSIA, one of the world's top AI labs
Videos of talks by Juergen Schmidhuber
TEDx UHasselt talk by Juergen Schmidhuber: in the beginning was the code
London 2012 gold medal count with EU and Jamaica
June 2-4 (videos upoladed Sept 23-28): World Science Festival 2011, New York City: 1. Short video clip of JS & Ed Fredkin talking about Konrad Zuse, pioneer of digital physics. 2. Short clip of JS talking about the information content of the universe. 3. Short clip of JS talking about all computable universes. From Rebooting the Cosmos - Panel Discussion Video: Is the Universe the Ultimate Computer? (More...)

Aug 9: Stanford AI Lab

Aug 1: Keynote for IJCNN 2011, San Jose, California: 2nd Neural Network ReNNaissance

June 29: Free University Amsterdam

June 27: Carl v. Linde Academy, Munich: Optimal AI for all computable universes

Mar 11: SILC 2011 conference (San Francisco) cancelled

Jan 15: Winter Intelligence Conference, Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford. Talk video on universal AI and formal theory of fun. Also at youtube.

Scroll down for last year's talks / videos.

1. Aug 8, San Francisco: AAAI 2011 best video award for Swarmanoid, the movie (youtube), with contributions from IDSIA (group of Luca), IRIDIA (group of Marco, ex-IDSIA), EPFL, ISTC.

2. Aug 6, Google Headquarters, CA: Kurzweil Prize for Best Paper of AGI 2011 (Gisslen, Luciw, Graziano, Schmidhuber).

3. Aug 6: 2011 Solomonoff AGI Theory Prize shared by M. Ring in the group of J.S.

4. Aug 2, San Jose, CA: Our team won the IJCNN 2011 on-site Traffic Sign Recognition Competition (the only method outperforming humans - thanks to Dan & Ueli & Jonathan). See paper. More.

5. June 17: Our team just won the ICDAR 2011 Chinese handwriting recognition competition. More.

6. Mar 25: Schmidhuber's Team of 2011

7. Feb 1: Computer Vision with Fast Deep / Recurrent Neural Nets etc - new world records on visual pattern recognition benchmarks: CIFAR10, NORB, ...

8. Jan 21: 1st & 2nd rank in the online Traffic Sign Recognition Contest. Top teams invited to IJCNN.

9. Jan 18: Interview with The Next Big Future

10. Jan 17: Schmidhuber's 48th birthday & activity report of last year (1 page summary)

11. Jan 5: Citation bubble about to burst? (Nature, vol. 469, p. 34, 2011). Like the less-than-worthless CDOs that drove the recent financial bubble, and unlike concrete goods and real exports, citations are easy to print and inflate.

1. Need partners for new EU or industry projects on machine learning / pattern recognition & analysis / control / robot learning / AI etc? Please contact JS.

2. 24 Oct: Brief Google Tech Talk video on fast deep / recurrent nets, summarizing recent results of computer vision competitions.

3. Program Chair of 4th Conference on Artificial General Intelligence, Google Headquarters, Mountain View, California, 3-7 Aug 2011. See Google talk video of the keynote speech by Ernst Dickmanns (THE pioneer of robot cars).

4. New world records on the famous MNIST handwriting recognition benchmark (Mar 23: 0.31% error rate by deep neural net committee; Sept 18: 0.27% at ICDAR 2011).

5. Jobs 2011 (keyword sn2011). Interviews at IDSIA (Switzerland), IJCNN 2011 (San Jose, CA), AGI 2011.

6. Jan 27: RNN Book Preface

7. Jan 24: Comment on Nature 468, 760-761 - who invented the digital computer?

Scroll down for last year's news and updates.

Computer Vision with Fast Deep Neural Nets Etc Yield Best Results on Many Visual Pattern Recognition Benchmarks
Handwriting Recognition with Fast Deep Neural Nets & LSTM Recurrent Nets (Juergen Schmidhuber)
Switzerland - best country in the world? Leading the world in science, Nobel Prizes, patents, publications, citations, quality of life, competitiveness, happiness, many sports
Juergen Schmidhuber's team of 2011
Fibonacci web design
Goedel machine
robot population explosion
LEGO art Juergen
Dec 20: Google Zurich
Sept 22: Banquet Talk in the historic Palau de la Musica Catalana for Joint Conferences ECML / PKDD 2010, Barcelona: Formal Theory of Fun & Creativity.
The slides and a video of this talk (1:06 h) went online on Dec 14 at videolectures.net. See all ECML videos.
May 20-22: Keynote for GP Theory & Practice 2010, Ann Arbor, MI (25th anniversary of Genetic Programming25th anniversary of Genetic Programming)

Videos of the 2009 Singularity Summit talk in NYC are now online:
1. Original video (40 min) at Vimeo
2. Condensed but jagged video (20 min) at Vimeo, also at the ShanghAI Lectures
3. Short video (10 min) at YouTube. The series of shorter and shorter versions may converge in a video singularity

1. Nov 12: Switzerland - best country in the world, especially for scientists?
2. Oct 1: Formal theory of creativity (1990-2010) explains science, art, music, humor, autonomous development, the desire to learn motor skills, and principles of artificial scientists & artists (with recent survey paper in IEEE TAMD).
3. July 12: GECCO 2010 best paper nomination for Exponential Natural Evolution Strategies. PDF.
4. June 9: Interview with The Fifth Conference
5. May 28: World record in handwritten digit recognition for deep big simple fast neural nets on graphics cards. Neural Computation, in press, 2010. ArXiv Preprint.
6. Mar 10: AGI 2010 best paper award (Kurzweil Prize) for Frontier Search. PDF.
7. Mar 3: Our Pybrain Machine Learning Library features source code of many learning algorithms - some of them cannot be found in other libraries. See Pybrain video. See JMLR paper.
8. Feb 12: Schmidhuber's Team of 2010 is shaping up - two Seniors, a dozen Postdocs, a dozen PhD students, one Visiting Professor. Still hiring!
9. Jan 17: Schmidhuber's 47th birthday & activity report of last year (1 page summary)
10. Jan 5: Interview in H+ Magazine: Build Optimal Scientist, Then Retire. Got slashdotted on Jan 27.
11. Our multi-dimensional LSTM recurrent neural networks recently won several handwriting recognition competitions at ICDAR 2009 (search the site for "Graves", Schmidhuber's postdoc).
1. Postdoc and Phd jobs 2010/2011: follow instructions under sn2010. (Filled jobs: eu2009, sin2008.) Interviews at IDSIA or by Skype. Previous interviews at CogSys 2010, EUCogII 2010, AGI 2010, and in the Michigan area (in May).
2. Oct 11: Old page on robot cars got slashdotted
3. Oct 8: Evolution of national Nobel Prize shares since 1901. Compare ScienceNews Blog (Oct 1, 2010)
4. Sept 16: State-of-the-art results listed in the Handwriting Recognition Web Page
5. Aug 23: IDSIA's Swarm Intelligence and corresponding recent article (12 August) in The Economist
6. Special Issue of Algorithms on "Algorithmic Complexity in Physics & Embedded Artificial Intelligences" in Memoriam Ray Solomonoff. New deadline 31 Aug 2010.
7. IDSIA seminars
Femme Fractale as an example of low-complexity art, illustrating the formal theory of creativity (Juergen Schmidhuber)
Evolution of National Nobel Prize Shares in the 20th Century (by Juergen Schmidhuber)
Juergen Schmidhuber's team of2010
Pybrain Machine Learning Library
Juergen Schmidhuber at Singularity Summit 2009 - Compression Progress: The Algorithmic Principle Behind Curiosity and Creativity and Art and Science
Universal AI
Nov 12: Keynote in the historic Cinema Corso (Lugano) for Design Research 09: Art & Science
Oct 10: Keynote for EUCogII, Hamburg
Oct 9: Univ. Kiel
Oct 8: Univ. Luebeck
Oct 3: Invited talk for Singularity Summit in the historic Kaufmann Concert Hall, New York City.
Aug 25: Dirac summer school, Leuven, Belgium
June 22: NDES 2009, Switzerland
Mar 18: Harvard
Mar 17: Boston U.
Mar 16: MIT
Mar 13: UMass
Mar 11: NYU
Mar 10: Princeton
Mar 9: Rutgers
Mar 6: Keynote for Artificial General Intelligence AGI-09, on New AI & Singularity, Washington DC
1. The Great Ray Solomonoff passed away on 7 Dec. With great sadness AGI 2010 will be held "In Memoriam Ray Solomonoff."
2. Dec 1 is deadline for the conference on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI 2010) in Lugano, Switzerland! At the conference we'll also conduct additional job interviews for the remaining Postdoc and Phd jobs announced under sn2010, sin2008, eu2009.
3. Oct 28: The European Union - A New Kind of Empire?
4. Sept 25 - new jobs: Three postdocs of Schmidhuber just got professorships abroad. Now he is looking for three FRESH postdocs to replace them.
5. July 27: Schmidhuber's Team of 2009 - a dozen PhD students, a dozen Postdocs, two Seniors, three visiting Professors.
6. Best paper award at GECCO 2009: S. Yi, D. Wierstra, T. Schaul, J. Schmidhuber: Efficient Natural Evolution Strategies. PDF.
7. Site of STIFF research project on elastic robot arms and hands
8. Guest editor: Special Issue of Algorithms on "Algorithmic Complexity in Physics & Embedded Artificial Intelligences" (deadline 31 Dec 2009)
9. Jan 17: Schmidhuber's activity report of last year (1 page summary)
1. Nov 2009 - Job updates: Postdoc position in biologically plausible RL open again! 2. Most of the 10 new jobs announced in 2009 in Schmidhuber's lab at IDSIA are filled, but we'll hire one more postdoc and one more PhD student in adaptive robotics (humanoids / artificial hands) and machine learning in general (both theory and practice). 3. Several new postdoc and PhD positions for 2010 still open. See also IDSIA seminars.

4. Fibonacci Web Design

5. April 15: Art and science as by-products of the desire to create / discover more data that is compressible in hitherto unknown ways: overview on theory of surprise & creativity and subjective beauty

Juergen Schmidhuber's team 2009
10 new jobs in Schmidhuber's lab at IDSIA
The EU - a new kind of empire?
STIFF - EU research project on enhancing biomorphic agility of robot arms and hands through variable stiffness & elasticity Theory of Surprise and Artificial Curiosity
Low- complexity Art