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* Ray Solomonoff (1926-2009), pioneer of Machine Learning, founder of Algorithmic Probability Theory, father of the Universal Probability Distribution, creator of the Universal Theory of Inductive Inference. First to describe the fundamental concept of Algorithmic Information or Kolmogorov Complexity. In the new millennium his work became the foundation of the first mathematical theory of Optimal Universal Artificial Intelligence.

Visiting professor at IDSIA in Fall 2001. Picture taken by JS in Bioggio, Switzerland, 1 April 2001. Click to enlarge.

Posthumous notice by JS, December 2009: Ray Solomonoff intended to deliver an invited lecture at the upcoming AGI 2010, the Conference on Artificial General Intelligence (March 5-8 2010) in Lugano. The AGI conference series would not even exist without his essential theoretical contributions. With great sadness AGI 2010 will be held "In Memoriam Ray Solomonoff." Ray will live on in the many minds shaped by his revolutionary ideas.

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Royal Holloway
Box 400404
Cambridge, Ma. 02140, U.S.A.
Telephone: +1-781-316-8117
Email: rjsolo@ieee.org