I'm a Ph.D. student at IDSIA, working in the IPG (Imprecise Probability Group).

My research topic is Bayesian network structure learning. You can take a look to my work below or in my scholar.


Improved Local Search in Bayesian Networks Structure Learning
M. Scanagatta, G. Corani, M. Zaffalon
AMBN 2017 (Advanced Methodologies for Bayesian Networks), 45-56

Learning Treewidth-Bounded Bayesian Networks with Thousands of Variables
M. Scanagatta, G. Corani, C.P. de Campos, M. Zaffalon
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Learning extended tree augmented naive structures
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Air pollution prediction via multi-label classification
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Early classification of time series by hidden Markov models with set-valued parameters
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Learning Bayesian networks with thousands of variables
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Min-BDeu and max-BDeu scores for learning Bayesian networks
M. Scanagatta, C.P. De Campos, M. Zaffalon
PGM 2014 (European Workshop on Probabilistic Graphical Models 7), 426-441


I developed a web-service for learning the structure of a Bayesian network from data: BLIP.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art methods developed during my studies it can process datasets with thousands of variables in few hours, either in the general case or with a bound on the treewidth!

Contact me: mauro [at] idsia [dot] ch