Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows (VRPTW)


Solomon benchmark problems

C1 all C1 zipped

c101.txt c102.txt c103.txt c104.txt c105.txt c106.txt c107.txt c108.txt c109.txt

C2 all C2 zipped

c201.txt c202.txt c203.txt c204.txt c205.txt c206.txt c207.txt c208.txt

R1 all R1 zipped

r101.txt r102.txt r103.txt r104.txt r105.txt r106.txt r107.txt r108.txt r109.txt r110.txt r111.txt r112.txt

R2 all R1 zipped

r201.txt r202.txt r203.txt r204.txt r205.txt r206.txt r207.txt r208.txt r209.txt r210.txt r211.txt

RC1 all RC1 zipped

rc101.txt rc102.txt rc103.txt rc104.txt rc105.txt rc106.txt rc107.txt rc108.txt

RC2 all RC2 zipped

rc201.txt rc202.txt rc203.txt rc204.txt rc205.txt rc206.txt rc207.txt rc208.txt


Numerical results computed with

MACS-VRPTW: A Multiple Ant Colony System for Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows