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Leonora Bianchi

IDSIA - Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Via Cantonale, Galleria 2, 6928 Manno, Switzerland
Tel. +41 058.666.666.5; Fax  +41 058.666.666.1
E-mail: leonora@idsia.ch



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Welcome to my homepage.

What I do:

I am researcher in Computer Science at the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence, an institute affiliated to the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland, and to the Università della Svizzera Italiana.

My current research focuses on solving optimization problems under uncertainty and in developing optimization algorithms mostly based on heuristics and metaheuristics. You may have a look at my publications, some of which are available for download. If you are interested in some of my work, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am also teaching Computer Science and Algorithmics at the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland - Dipartimento Tecnologie Innovative.

My background:

I graduated in Physics in 1999, and after working for a few months in the optimization group of an Italian bank, I went back to the academic world by starting a Ph.D. in computer science. My supervisors were Luca Maria Gambardella from IDSIA, and Marco Dorigo from Université Libre de Bruxelles.

I obtained the Ph.D. in July 2006 from the Université Libre de Bruxelles with a thesis about applying ant colony optimization algorithms and local search to stochastic optimization problems.

If you are interested in my detailed CV, go here.

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