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Marie Curie

Human Frontier

Humboldt (US)

NSF Intl. (US)

There are many other agencies. E.g., google for science fellowships in Germany (1,000,000+ hits).

Application procedure for postdocs and PhD students

1. Read THIS.

2. Check out the TUM Computer Science page for Postdocs and Phd students and the list of TUM CS labs to the left, and see whether you can find one where you'd love to work.

3. See whether they have announced an open position that fits your needs (sometimes a few jobs are also listed here). If so, follow their instructions, ignoring the text below.

4. Otherwise you may try to find funding from national or foreign funding agencies. Some of them are listed on the left. Get to know their requirements, select one that seems right for you, and contact it, following its guidelines.

5. Once the funding agency has given you positive initial feedback due to your outstanding grades or publications etc, introduce yourself to your chosen TUM professor. Most agencies expect you to convince the professor to write a letter of acceptance for you.

So send him / her an email message containing: (1) Curriculum vitae. (2) Brief statement on why you'd like to work in this lab and how your research interests fit the professor's favorite topics. (3) List of three references willing to write letters of recommendation for you, plus their email addresses. (4) Some sort of document indicating that funding agency X is in principle willing to support you, provided your chosen professor accepts you in his lab. Do NOT send large files; instead send URLs.

PhD students: it certainly helps to have excellent grades / test results. For example, the GRE test is widely accepted, although it is not mandatory for applications to German universities.

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