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Schwarzenegger (pronounce: Shwartsenegguh) and Schumacher (Shoomahhhuh) and Schiffer (Shiffuh) taught people to pronounce the German `Sch' just like the English `Sh', and the ending `er' more or less like the English `uh'.

This made life easier for other ex-pats with weird German names, such as Schmidhuber (Shmidhoobuh).

Bio highlights:

1947: Born in Thal near Graz in Österreich (=Austria, also home of Mozart, Gödel, Hitler, Freud)
1967: Mr. Universe at age 20
1980: Last competition and 7th Mr. Olympia at age 33
1982: Movie breakthrough with Conan the Barbarian
1983: US citizen at age 36; keeps Austrian citizenship
1984: Terminator I
1990s: Becomes `world's best-paid entertainer' (his own words)
2003: Governator of California, with 4 times the population of Austria