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Thanks to Ray Solomonoff, Marcus Hutter, Sepp Hochreiter, Bram Bakker, Alex Graves, Douglas Eck, Viktor Zhumatiy, Giovanni Pettinaro, Andrea Rizzoli, Monaldo Mastrolilli, Ivo Kwee, three unknown NIPS referees, and four unknown MLJ referees, for useful discussions or helpful comments on drafts or short versions of this paper, to Jana Koehler for sharing her insights concerning AI planning procedures, and to Philip J. Koopman Jr. for granting permission to reprint the quote in Section A.2.2. Hutter's frequently mentioned work was funded through the author's SNF grant 2000-061847 ``Unification of universal inductive inference and sequential decision theory.''

Juergen Schmidhuber 2004-04-15

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