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Last update:
29 Dec 2006
Juergen Schmidhuber at IDSIA TU Munich Computer Science

Invited talks:

Nov 8: MPI, Berlin
Nov 6-7: Zuse Symposium: Is the universe a computer?
July 27: GWAL-7
May 27: Turing Days, Istanbul
Apr 27: German Aerospace
March 21: Cognitive Systems, Luxembourg
Jan 31: Dagstuhl Castle: algorithmic information and randomness


1. Dec 29: Most of the numerous recent jobs (see below) are now filled, but one postdoc position is still open. We also expect new job openings at TUM and IDSIA soon.
2. We are seeking outstanding PhD students / postdocs (BAT IIa) for the new CoTeSys cluster of excellence a TU Munich - follow the instructions. Selected topics: Artificial curiosity for artificial hands, behavior evolution for walking bipeds.
3. Another TUM job: BAT IIa or BAT Ib at TUM (EU project; Start Dec 1)
4. August 31: New jobs at IDSIA - Postdoc & Phd fellowships
5. Archimedes, greatest scientist ever
6. June 20: History converging? Again?
7. June 16: The Computational Universe (book review for American Scientist)
8. June 7: Job offer: IDSIA senior researcher position
9. May 18: Artificial Intelligence: AI history & outlook
10. May 15: Colossus (correspondence to Nature 441 p 25, May 2006)
11. May 9: Apply for a 2 week course (Sept 17-29, 2006) in beautiful Sarntal: Music and Machine Learning (deadline 26 May; only students of TUM, Erlangen, Stuttgart).
12. Mar 30: Source Code of the Optimal Ordered Problem Solver in crystalline format
13. Feb 20: Highlights of robot car history
14. Jan 26: correspondence to Nature (439 p 392, Jan 2006) on randomness and physics

Updated pages:

1. Dec 18: Recent papers on Gödel machines (and consciousness)
2. Oct 25: New papers on robot learning (IROS, ICRA)
3. Sept 8: Einstein
4. Sept 4: A new, general method for evolution / reinforcement learning that outperforms many others on difficult control tasks (ECML)
5. August 3: New paper on optimal artificial curiosity and the nature of beauty (published June 2006)
6. May 1: Old Postdoc job filled (new one on the horizon)
7. Mar 29: Outline of SS 2006 course: Machine learning II
8. Feb 6: randomness and the deterministic computable universe
9. Feb 24: Randomness and Kolmogorov complexity

CoTeSys: Schmidhuber's group Publications Best robot car so far (Dickmanns, 1995) Music and Machine Learning: Ferienakademie Archimedes, greatest scientist ever Randomness and Kolmogorov complexity
Autumn / Winter 2005

Invited talks:

Dec 16: Siemens
Dec 7: Univ. Osnabrueck
Nov 29: LMU-TUM Colloquium
Nov 17: Univ. Innsbruck
Oct 4: Univ. Tokyo cancelled!
Sept 12: ICANN 2005, Warsaw (plenary)


1. Dec 19: New unofficial site of TUM Computer Science
2. External funding for TUM CS postdocs & phd students
3. Design principles of Schmidhuber's web sites and talk slides: Fibonacci web design
4. F. L. Bauer
5. New 70 Teraflops supercomputer in the Leibniz Rechenzentrum
6. Nov 22: Job offer: Postdoc at IDSIA
7. Oct 4: Evolving recurrent neural nets (RNN) with fast synapses
8. EVOLINO for supervised RNN and recurrent SVMs (updated Dec 20)
9. Evolution main page
10. Sep 15: Course material WS 2005 / 06 etc.


1. Dec 20: Feedback nets
2. Ten new publications plus updated bibfile
3. Sep 30: Robot Learning

Evolino for time series prediction RNN-Evolution Evolution Fibonacci web design F. L. Bauer
Spring / Summer 2005

Invited talks:

July 4-8: NN 2005, Porto
June 22-23: Univ. Padova
June 18-21: Venice Summer School
May 13: Data Ecologies 2005, Linz

Updated / new pages:

1. July 5: Newsweek letters on China etc.
2. May 6: Robot population explosion
3. Feb 25: Artificial curiosity (plus overview paper for AAAI 2005 symposium on developmental robotics)
4. Feb 8: Outline of SS 2005 course: Machine learning and optimization II
5. Jan 12: HMM/RNN Job filled.
6. Revised paper on the Gödel machine (Dec 2004); compare arXiv cs.LO/0309048
7. Schickard, father of the computer age (1623)
8. Leibniz, inventor of bit and calculus and other things

April 2-19: By a strange coincidence, JS is at St. Peter's in Rome on the day Pope John Paul II dies, and in Prof. Ratzinger's old Diocese in Munich on the day he becomes Pope Benedict XVI.
Leibniz Schickard LSTM 2004 China robot population explosion
Autumn / Winter 2004

Invited talks:

Dec 9: Keynote talk at Neuro-IT, Munich
Nov 9: Plenary talk at ANNIE 2004, St. Louis, US: How to learn an algorithm: Optimal universal learners, Goedel machines & recurrent nets


1. Dec 13: Job @ IDSIA on speech & HMMs & RNNs. (Postdoc / visitor for 3 months; but 2 year prolongation possible).
2. Oct 1: TU Munich Cogbotlab established. Schmidhuber now Professor of Cognitive Robotics @ TUM & codirector IDSIA & Prof. SUPSI
3.Outline of course 2004/05: Machine learning and optimization I
4. Sept 6: Job offer at TU Munich (robot learning)
5. Statistical robotics overview


1. Oct 25: TUM job and IDSIA jobs filled
2. Sept 6: Formerly inofficial Jobs at IDSIA now confirmed (learning robots)

Job offer Cogbotlab Statistical Robotics
Summer 2004

Invited talks:

July 12: Summer School NN2004: Porto, Portugal (intro to recurrent networks)
July 13: NN2004: Porto (recurrent networks: applications)
June 4: INI, ETH Zuerich (Optimal reinforcement learning & Goedel machines)

Updated pages:

1. Generalized Kolmogorov Complexity (with Jan Poland's new proof of a perfect coding theorem for Enumerable Output Machines, 3 Aug 2004)
2. Recurrent Neural Networks (new layout, more papers, source code etc)
3. NIPS 2003 RNNaissance workshop, with the lyrics of Bohebbian Rhapsody (compare Journal of Machine Learning Gossip)
4. Alan Turing (with recent letter in Nature 429, p. 501, 2004)

New pages and links:

1. EU metal (Athens 2004)
2. More recent portrait (old one was out of date)
3. CIO article on Schmidhuber's work (The ideal scientist, 6/2/04, 5 pages, in German)
4. Goedel Machine FAQ
5. Gauss, mathematician of the millennium
6. Haber & Bosch, most influential persons of the 20th century

Juergen EU medals Haber Turing Gauss
Winter / Spring 2004

Updated pages:
1. Optimal Ordered Problem Solver (with recent papers: MLJ 2004, IAS 2004, NIPS 2003)
2. Online publications
3. Learning Robots
4. New home page layout for 2004 (previous 2003 layout).

Invited talks on Goedel machines & rigorous, universal New AI:

Apr 29: CSEM microrobotics
Apr 1: Univ. Birmingham, UK
Mar 30: Keynote talk at Fourth Symposium on Adaptive Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, Univ. Leeds, UK
Feb 21: Symposium on 'Human Language: cognitive, neuroscientific and dynamical systems perspectives', Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Feb 19: Univ. Newcastle
Jan 30: Univ. Amsterdam (Goedel machines & Optimal Ordered Problem Solver)


1. Announcement of Summer School on Imprecise Probabilities, July 27-31, 2004, Lugano (Switzerland)
2. German version of cover page

Goedel machine Optimal Ordered Problem Solver Feedback Network Learning Robots Home page
Winter 2003

Note: This page did not exist before November 2003.

Not all new or updated pages get listed here, but all are reachable via the links to the right.

Updated pages:

1. Revised Paper on New AI
2. Gödel machine (includes revised paper)
3. Online publications
4. Active exploration page

New pages:

1. What's new?
2. Attentive vision
3. Schwarzenegger
4. Schumacher
5. Schiffer
6. Voeller

Schiffer helped pronouncing weird names Schumacher helped pronouncing weird names Schwarzenegger helped pronouncing weird names
October 2003
Updated pages:

1. Online publications
2. Learning robots
4. Optimal scientist
5. Metalearning
6. Nonlinear ICA
7. Computale universes
8. Hierarchical learning
9. Genetic Programming (GP)
10. 1987 GP paper
11. 1987 Diploma thesis (meta-GP)
12. Generalized Kolmogorov
13. Speed Prior
14. Universal Learners
15. Reinforcement Learning
16. Artificial Ants
17. Albert Einstein
18. Konrad Zuse

New pages:

1. Job opening 2004
2. NIPS RNNaissance workshop
3. Goedel machine
4. Goedel machine summary
5. Kurt Goedel
6. Alan Turing

Speed Prior Universal AI Kurt Goedel Konrad Zuse Computing the Universe
Spring / Summer 2003

Lots of new pages - it would not make much sense to list them all here.

Genetic Programming Lego Art Artificial Ants Robot Learning Reinforcement Learning Attentive vision Predictability minimization Subgoal learning Metalearning Albert Einstein Low- complexity Art
Winter 2003
New home page design for 2003
(previous layout from 2002)
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