journals with article's on IDSIA's results

Overview: IDSIA in the Media

IDSIA 's scientific results and their applications were reported / reviewed in
  • specialized technical journals including
    • Neural Computation
    • IEEE Transactions
    • AI & Machine Learning journals
    • Journals on complexity
    • Operations Research journals
    • Many others
  • interdisciplinary journals including
    • NATURE
  • popular science journals including
  • business-oriented magazines including
    • Harvard Business Reviews
    • Business Week
  • the popular press, including
    • Der SPIEGEL
    • TIME magazine
    • too many others to track

IDSIA was the smallest of the world's top ten AI labs listed in the 1997 "X-Lab Survey" by Business Week magazine, and ranked in fourth place in the category "Computer science - biologically inspired."

IDSIA's most important work was done after 1997 though.

The current favorites of the popular press seem to be IDSIA's widely applied artificial ants as well as the computable universes.

Numerous TV shows on Tech & Science helped to popularize IDSIA's achievements.

On occasion IDSIA's Schmidhuber gives interviews about state-of-the-art and future of Artificial Intelligence. His most widely broadcasted appearance may have been the one on Radio Vatican (2002) which is received around the world in 80+ countries and 40 languages. Sadly, however, in most of these countries less than 70 % of the potential listeners actually tuned in - the total audience cannot have exceeded 4 billion people by much sad smiley