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F. L. Bauer, inventor of the stack and of the expression software engineering

Friedrich Ludwig BAUER

F. L. Bauer co-invented the stack and coined 
the expression software engineering
Due to his impact on computer science departments all over the country Bauer has been called the father of German informatics.

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F. L. Bauer (at Tech. Univ. München since 1963) came up with at least two concepts that are essential for modern computer science.

1. Together with Klaus Samelson (also of TUM) he invented the stack machine (patented in 1957), a fundamental device for both theory and practice of programming. Stacks are THE way to handle recursive function calls and the dynamic runtime behavior of computer programs. Any modern microprocessor incorporates them.

2. In 1968 Bauer coined the term "software engineering." Today there are uncountable software engineering departments in universities and companies all over the world, and a large fraction of computer scientists would call themselves software engineers. Google for "software engineering" and you'll get tens of millions of hits (2005).

Bauer also was a driving force behind ALGOL, a hugely influential programming language which introduced numerous important constructs used in many subsequent programming languages. He also contributed significantly to the fields of numerical analysis, algebra, logic, program transformation, and cryptography.

In the early days of modern computer science, Bauer was one of the first to realize the fundamental significance of the work of Konrad Zuse, inventor and constructor of the world's first working general purpose computer in Berlin (1935-1941).