JNCC2: archive of old releases 


Version 1.1 (Sep 2008)

 >> jncc2 - ver1.1 (zipped packaged with manual and sources)

Version 1.1 provides the following improvements over version 1.0:
  • the file of results generated by the software are separated by commas instead of by tab, to facilitate import into Excel;
  • code is recompiled under Java 5 (instead of 6) to facilitate inter-operability, for instance under Mac computers;
  • the package now contains toy examples, designed to let the user become familiar with the software;
  • reworked computation of probabilities for Naive Bayes, to be robust also when dealing with thousands of features;

  • Version 1.0 (May 2008)

     >> sources(with javadoc) ver1.0

     >> binary (jar file) ver1.0

     >> tutorial & user manual (pdf) ver1.0


    Version 1.0 provides the following improvements over version 0.9:
    • fixed a bug referring to the use of  unknownclasses option, which could lead to write to file predictions different from those actually issued by NCC2;
    • reworked output format, much handlier when dealing with multiple data sets (see details in the user manual)
    • major clean up of the source code.

    Version 0.9 (September 2007)

     >> sources(with javadoc) ver 0.9

     >> binary (jar file) ver 0.9

     >> tutorial & user manual (pdf) ver 0.9