Alessandro Facchini

    Latest works:

    • (w/ Lilith Mattei, Alessandro Antonucci, Denis Deratani Mauá, and Julissa Villanueva Llerena) "Tractable inference in credal sententional decision diagrams".  International Journal of Approximate Reasononing 125: 26-48 (2020) [pdf].
    • (w/ Linda van der Gaag and Silja Renooij) "Building Causal Interaction Models by Recursive Unfolding".  10th  International Conference on Probabilistic Graphical models (2020) [pdf].
    • (w/ A. Benavoli  and M. Zaffalon) "Computational Complexity and the Nature of Quantum Mechanics".  ArXiv e-prints 1902.03513 [pdf].
    • (w/ F. Carreiro, Y. Venema, F. Zanasi) "Model theory of monadic predicate logic with the infinity quantifier". ArXiv e-prints 1809.03262 [pdf].