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The IDSIA robotics lab was founded in 2007. It is a laboratory to apply artificial intelligence methods to various types of real robots: mobile robots, manipulating robots, and humanoid robots. We have demonstrated our competence in applied machine learning and swarm itelligence in miscellaneous projects, e.g. Swarmanoid, IM-CLeVeR.

Here is a nice video showing what is going on in our lab.


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Galleria 1, 2nd floor, 6928 Manno. Shortest and simplest way: Staircase D (backside of Galleria 1). SUPSI DTI and DSAN is written on the entrance door on the second floor. Official way: Main entrance, but it is a maze challenge to find the lab. Here is a larger map with place marks on all IDSIA related entrances in Galleria 1. Click on one place mark to read more about an entrance.


Lab entrance
Lab entrance 2nd floor
E-Puck swarm
A running experiment
The beautiful outlook from the lab

More are coming soon.


Our robots

We have a bunch of different robots. The following images will give you an overview. Of course, we have more than one robot of each type.

Pioneer robot with SICK
Pioneer with SICK LRF
Pioneer robot with Katana
Pioneer with Katana
Katana, the checker playing robot
Lego robot
Bioloid robot
FIRA robot
FIRA robot
FIRA robot
Another FIRA robot
E-Puck robot
E-Puck with ground sensor
E-Puck robot
E-Puck with IR R&B module
Robertino robot
iCub robot
Swarmanoid Foot-bot
Swarmanoid Hand-bot
Swarmanoid Eye-bot

Other parts

Additionally, we have various sensors (cameras, laser range finders, inertial measurement unit, and so on) currently not mounted on robot bases.


PhD theses

Master theses

Bachelor theses

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

Your thesis at USI

You can find possible student research projects (Bachelor and Master) at the iCorsi2 internal learning platform (only for USI students). Here is an overview for people without access to USI's intranet.

Please, have also a look on IDSIA's robotics channel.

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