Marijn Stollenga



Advances in Humanoid Control and Perception: PhD Thesis

My PhD Thesis combines my work on control and perception on humanoids.


Our work on 3D segmentation using PyraMiD-LSTM.

Task-Relevant Roadmaps

Our work on Task-Relevant Roadmaps. See it in action in our AAAI Shakey Award winning video!


A Dynamic Neural Network that can change its own filter strengths on the fly outperforms previous architectures.

Master Thesis

My work on Guided Autoencoders used on Face Recognition.

Movie Recommendation (loads 10mb of data)

Search for movies you love and find other movies! Results of an experiment with Matrix Factorization using Cuda on the Netflix dataset.

Our Robocup-team (Little Green BATS) to China! (2008)

I participated in the Little Green BATS team in the 3d simulation league.

Bachelor Thesis

Online article me and Alle Veenstra wrote about our bachelor thesis.

Evolution of Virulence Model

Python model of selection in virusses, from "Evolution Dynamics" by Martin A. Nowak.

Dutch Git tutorial

A basic Git tutorial.

Physio Stollenga (websites I made):

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