Full session videos are available here: Session 1, Session 2, Session 3.
We provide individual videos and slides below. You can also watch this Playlist.
2:00 - 2:20  Jürgen Schmidhuber
Introduction to Recurrent Neural Networks and Other Machines that Learn Algorithms
Slides Video
2:20 - 2:40  Paul Werbos
Deep Learning in Recurrent Networks: From Basics To New Data on the Brain
Slides Video
2:40 - 3:00  Li Deng
Three Cool Topics on RNN
Slides Video
3:00 - 3:20  Risto Miikkulainen
Scaling Up Deep Learning through Neuroevolution
Slides Video
3:20 - 3:40  Jason Weston
New Tasks and Architectures for Language Understanding and Dialogue with Memory
Slides Video
3:40 - 4:00  Oriol Vinyals
Recurrent Nets Frontiers
Slides Unavailable Video
4:00 - 4:30  Coffee Break
4:30 - 4:50  Mike Mozer
Neural Hawkes Process Memories
Slides Video
4:50 - 5:10  Ilya Sutskever
Meta Learning in the Universe
Slides Video
5:10 - 5:30  Marcus Hutter
Asymptotically fastest solver of all well-defined problems
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(unfortunately cannot come - J. Schmidhuber will stand in for him)
5:30 - 5:50  Nando de Freitas
Learning to Learn, to Program, to Explore and to Seek Knowledge
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5:50 - 6:10  Alex Graves
Differentiable Neural Computer
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6:30 - 7:30  Light dinner break/Posters
7:30 - 7:50  Nal Kalchbrenner
Generative Modeling as Sequence Learning
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7:50 - 9:00  Panel Discussion
Topic: The future of machines that learn algorithms
Panelists: Ilya Sutskever, Jürgen Schmidhuber, Li Deng, Paul Werbos, Risto Miikkulainen, Sepp Hochreiter
Moderator: Alex Graves