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What's new?

Oct 2020: 30-year anniversary of end-to-end differentiable sequential neural attention. Plus goal-conditional reinforcement learning.

Sep 2020: 10-year anniversary of supervised deep learning breakthrough (2010). No unsupervised pre-training. The rest is history

Feb 2020: 2010-2020: Our decade of deep learning

Oct 2019: Deep Learning: Our Miraculous Year 1990-1991

Nov 2018: Artificial curiosity & generative adversarial networks of 1990. (More.)

Aug 2017: 2017: Our impact on the world's most valuable public companies: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon ...

Mar 2017: 2011: First deep convolutional networks to win computer vision contests

May 2015: Highway Networks: First working feedforward neural networks with over 100 layers

Sep 2012: First deep learner to win a medical imaging contest (cancer detection)

Mar 2012: First deep learner to win an image segmentation competition

Aug 2011: First superhuman visual pattern recognition

Apr/Jun 2020: Critique of 2018 Turing Award and of 2019 Honda Prize

Jul 2016: 2016 IEEE CIS Neural Networks Pioneer Award goes to J.S.

Oct 2015: Brainstorm open source software for neural networks

Jan 2015: Deep learning in neural networks: an overview

Feb 2015: DeepMind's Nature paper and earlier related work

2014-15: Who invented backpropagation?

2013: Sepp Hochreiter's fundamental deep learning problem (1991). (More.)

Apr 2020: AI v Covid-19

Apr 2020: Coronavirus geopolitics

Selected earlier overview pages

1989-: Recurrent neural networks - especially Long Short-Term Memory or LSTM. (More.)

2011: Preface of book on recurrent neural networks

2005: Evolving recurrent neurons - first paper with "learn deep" in the title. (More.)

2009-: First contests won by recurrent nets (2009) and deep feedforward nets (2010)

1991-: Deep learning & neural computer vision

2009-: Winning computer vision contests through deep learning

1991-: First working deep learner based on unsupervised pre-training. (More.)

1991-: Unsupervised learning

1991-: Neural heat exchanger

1987-: Meta-learning or learning to learn

2002-: Asymptotically optimal curriculum learner

2003-: Gödel machines as mathematically optimal general self-referential problem solvers

2000-: Theory of universal artificial intelligence

2000-: Generalized algorithmic information & Kolmogorov complexity

2000-: Speed Prior: a new simplicity measure for near-optimal computable predictions

1996-: Computable universes / theory of everything / generalized algorithmic information

1989-: Reinforcement learning

1990-: Subgoal learning & hierarchical reinforcement learning. (More.)

1990-: Learning attentive vision (more) & goal-conditional reinforcement learning

1989: Reinforcement learning economies with credit conservation

1987-: Artificial evolution

1987-: Genetic programming

2005-: Evolino

2013: Compressed network search: First deep learner to learn control policies directly from high-dimensional sensory input using reinforcement learning. (More.)

2002-: Learning robots

2004-2009: TU Munich Cogbotlab at TUM

2004-2009: CoTeSys cluster of excellence

2007: Highlights of robot car history

2004: Statistical robotics

2004: Resilient machines & resilient robots

2000-: AI

1990-: Artificial curiosity & creativity & intrinsic motivation & developmental robotics. (More.)

1990-: Formal theory of creativity

1994-: Theory of beauty and femme fractale

2001: Lego Art

2010: Fibonacci web design

2007: J.S.'s painting of his daughters and related work

1995-: Switzerland

2010: A new kind of empire?

2010: Evolution of national Nobel Prize shares in the 20th century

2012: Olympic medal statistics & Bolt

2006: Is history converging? Again? & computer history speedup

2000s: Einstein & Zuse & Goedel & Turing & Gauss & Leibniz & Schickard & Solomonoff & Darwin & Haber & Bosch & Archimedes & Schwarzenegger & Schumacher & Schiffer

1981: Closest brush with fame & Bavarian poetry

1989-: A few old talk videos up to 2015

2017-: Many jobs for PhD students and PostDocs

2010-: Master's in artificial intelligence

1987-: Online publications

1987-: What's new?

1963-: CV