In the news

Μy research activity has attracted comments on NewsFactor Innovation, ACM TechNews, and AAAI In the News. Article at CiSE (2005) was reviewed at ACM Computing Reviews. Also, my work is a mentioned on the American Association for Artificial Intelligence webpage for AI applications in Agriculture, Natural Resource Management, and the Environment, and the Modelia portal under the ontologies, semantic web and declarative modelling dossier.

RSS updates!!!

RSSRSS feeds allow you to see when my website has changed, or added new content. In principle, an RSS reader should be coming with your browser; in case you dont have one, or you don't want to get one, my feeds will render on your browser through xslt as html - you will hardly notice any difference from the rest of the site (thanks goes to greggman).
For those interested, good places to start with RSS technology is the RSS file format site on wikipedia, some hints how to read RSS from cNet, and the BBC's how-to-use RSS feeds guide.

Actually, I am publishing more stuff only through RSS, as its much easier for me to maintain (using Feeder on my Mac). But more importantly its much easier for you to reach it and view it using your favorite reader! Simply focusing on the content and RSS technology does the rest!

For the time being, I'm starting up the following feeds: