Giuseppe Cuccu

Hello, I'm Giuse (pron. "Joozeh"),

I'm an IDSIA PhD candidate at USI under the supervision of Faustino Gomez and Jürgen Schmidhuber.

Short bio

I was born on the mountainous interiors of the Island of Sardinia (IT). I got both my BSc and MSc in Computer Science in Milan at Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, under the supervision of Leonardo Vanneschi.

I'm an eclectic, playful and passionate person. I love literature, foreign languages, martial arts, strategy, sports, cooking, videogames, engineering, motors (particularly motorbikes), and much more. I have a broad curiosity and I like to share it.

Research interests

My main interest lies in machine learning applications for non-linear control. I mostly work with evolved neural networks for reinforcement learning control tasks. My efforts are focused on fitness estimation, explicit exploration and problem scaling.

I always try to keep science in contact with reality, hence I often look for inspiration in game intelligence and robotics. I'm a big fan of the Lisp programming language, although I presently code mostly in Mathematica. I'm also an addicted but non-religious linux user since 2004.

Keywords: Machine Learning, Problem Scaling, Non-linear Controls, Evolutionary Computation, Recurrent Neural Networks, NeuroEvolution, Reinforcement Learning, Fitness Estimation, Explicit Exploration, Game Intelligence, Evolutionary Robotics.

Honors and awards

Teaching experience

  1. September 11 Thesis field supervisor - Master Course, Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI), Lugano (CH)
    Alessandro Andreani - A Mathematica-YARP Interface for Robotic Controller Neuroevolution - [ pdf ]
    Awarded a score of 10/10 and praised for outstanding breadth and complexity.

  2. April 10: Thesis official supervisor - Bachelor Course, Università di Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB), Milano (IT)
    Marko Bojovic - Neuroevolution of Augmenting Topologies: Studio, Implementazione ed Estensione - [ pdf ]
    First collaboration between IDSIA and UNIMIB.
    Awarded a score of 9/10 and praised for its innovative content.

  3. Fall semester 09: Teaching Assistant - Master Course, Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI)
    Intelligent Systems
    Achieved maximum TA grade, with positive nominations from both university staff and students.
    Different students asked for a stage position after the course; one was ultimately accepted with prominent results (see Andreani above).

Book chapters

Journal Publications

  1. V. Graziano, T. Glasmachers, T. Schaul, L. Pape, G. Cuccu, J. Leitner, J. Schmidhuber.
    Artificial Curiosity for Autonomous Space Exploration.
    Acta Futura Journal 4:41-51, 2011 (DOI: 10.2420/AF04.2011.41)
    [ pdf | ref | code ]

Conference Publications

    Open Source Utilities



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