About me

Hi! I am currently a PhD student at IDSIA, under the supervision of Prof. Luca Gambardella and Dr. Gianni Di Caro .

Before joining IDSIA, I completed a BSc. in Computer Engineering (2007) at Universidad Simon Bolivar (Venezuela). Later, I earned a Laurea Magistrale in Informatica (2010) and a MSc. in Software System Engineering (2010) at University of Trento (Italy) and RWTH-Aachen University (Germany) respectively, specialization area in Embedded Systems. My master thesis work was on Relay Node Placement for Throughput Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Research Interests

My research interests are in the area of swarm robotics, wireless networked robotics, network performance modeling, combinatorial optimization and meta-heuristics. My publications

Swarm Robotics @IDSIA


E-mail: eduardo at idsia dot ch