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A Collection of Modelling and
Simulation Resources on the

 Last update: May 2004
Resource locators
INFORMS OR/MS Resource Collection
Pointers to all aspects of operations research and the management sciences (not just INFORMS sites, formerly known as Michael Trick's OR page).
IsoQuantic Technologies - SimTool Posting This SimTools summary is a regularly posted item to the comp.simulation
usenet news group (Last Update in 1999).
Simulation hotlinks Selected by EUROSIM, the European Society for Computer Simulation
Simulations, virtual instrumentation, process visualisation... A site maintanined by Rolf Hemmerling, with a focus on "which software is available as free limited demo ?"
Simulation Organizations A compilation of 40+ organizations active in simulation and education in simulation
Systems Bookmarks A compilation of Systems Related Links on the World Wide Web
Compiled by Bill Braun
A directory of manufacturing bookmarks Manufacturing requires the use of simulation tools and techniques, but it is much more than this. In this website you can find a thorough and broad view of the various aspeects of manufacturing resources.
Simulation bookmarks by Fabian Gomes An excellent list of many simulation links, with a bias on parallel simulation. Unfortunately, there are no explanations attached to the links.

In the News
comp.simulation software FAQ The Frequently Asked Questions on simulation software.
comp.simulation The newsgroup where simulation literati meet (see also Google Groups for this group)

Systems Simulation:
The Shortest Distance from Learning to Applications
A thorough review of simulation issues presented by Hosseim Arsham at the University of Baltimora.
Paul Fishwick's Home Page Paul Fishwick, from University of Florida, is very active in many simulation groups, and he's the maintainer of SimPack, a C, C++ library for simulation.
François Cellier's home page Many links on simulation of environmental systems and related resources. Huge amount of resources on bond graphs etc.
Tony Vignaux's home page Some notes on MM1 queues. The author says:- they are pretty old by now and should really be updated. There are a few more similar links on the subject -. Klaus Müller and Tony Vignaux have developed an open-source Python based simulation language (SimPy) and Tony has a number of course notes on the use of SimPy linked to from his home page.
Yu Chi Ho Discrete event dynamic systems, ordinal optimization, decentralized optimization, perturbation analysis, and manufacturing automation
Reuven Y. Rubinstein Technion Haifa (Score Function Method)
Jack Kleijnen Statistical design and analysis of simulation experiments
Giorgio Guariso A page in Italian containing lots of information on systems analysis for environmental modelling, management and simulation
Giorgio Tonella CESIMO Venezuela (Hybrid Simulation)


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