Simulation Tools


Welcome to my list of simulation tools.

This is a review of simulation software that does not aim to be complete. Some of the links are outdated, and many more links are missing. If you want me to add a link to a particular tool, please send me an email

Simulation Libraries

Visual Simulation Tools and Environments

Simulation languages and integrated environments

Hybrid Simulation

Simulation of Industrial Processes and Networked systems

Simulation based on the World Dynamics approach

Bond graphs

Web based and distributed simulation

Modelling and simulation of Environmental Resources

Agent-based simulation

Click on one of the above links to see a selection of simulation tools falling in the corresponding category.

Important notice! I am not affiliated in any way with any one of the companies who produce the simulation tools listed below. I do not personally support nor endorse any particular simulation tool. I do not re-destribute or re-sell the tools. If you have an enquiry about prices, downloads, educational copies, please contact directly the developers.

I would also like to remark that I teach courses where I use simulation software. More specifically, I use SIMIO, ARENA, Vensim and AnyLogic.

In the case of SIMIO, I have received a grant from Simio LLC ( to install and use Simio Simulation software on the computers of Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana, SUPSI and of Università  della Svizzera Italiana, USI