Environmental Modelling Resources


This is a list for the reader interested in modelling, simulation and the environment. It was thought as a companion to the a presentation titled Software tools and techniques to model environmental systems: a review by Andrea Rizzoli and Bill Young (click here for an online presentation), delivered on the 5th of September 1996 at Land and Water, CSIRO in Canberra.

Since 1996 many things have happened, and yet I haven't prepared a new version of that talk. Only recently (19-25 March 2004) I have been invited by the LEQUIA, University of Girona to deliver a short course on EDSS. The underlying idea was to talk about how EDSS can be used to support decision making and the lectures start from basic decision theory, trying to explain how we can write models to formulate decision problems. Solving the problem can be done using Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence techniques. All these techniques should be packaged into an EDSS and delivered to the Decision Maker. Here you can find the PDF of the lectures:

Making decisions

A short introduction to decision making and the role of EDSS

Modelling environmental systems

From problems to models

Operations research, scenario analysis and heuristic methods

Solving a decision problem, exploring the search space

Artificial intelligence

Learning from experience, machine learning, rule-based and case-based reasoning

DSS, EDSS and Modelling Environments

Packaging environmental science and knowledge